José Suárez Award for Best Graduate Student Presentation at Convention in Language other than English

Deadline for Applications: March 1; Awards Announced: April 1

E-mail your application packet to [email protected]

José Suárez, Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. His doctorate degree in Romance Languages is from the University of New Mexico. He has published over forty scholarly articles in refereed journals and has published five books. Among his book-length publications on literature feature The Carnival Stage: Vicentine Comedy within the Serio-Comic Mode, Gil Vicente’s The Play of Rubena, Mário de Andrade: The Creative Works, and Gómez Manrique: Manuscrito 1250 de la Biblioteca del Palacio Real. He is currently the Senior Editor of the Rocky Mountain Review.

The José Suárez Award for Best Graduate Student Presentation at Convention in Language other than English carries a $250 prize.

Application procedure:

  • Nominations must be made by the chair of the convention session in which the student presented. Nominations are sent to the RMMLA Executive Director at [email protected] by November 1.
  • Nominees will be contacted and asked to submit the presentation written in the language presented at the Convention and a one-page CV by email attachment to  [email protected] no later than March 1 at 11:59 pm. The submission should be in the form of a written paper. If the presentation was a PowerPoint presentation or similar, copies of the PowerPoint slides must be accompanied by a fairly traditional paper-like narrative.

E-mail your application packet to [email protected]

The Suárez Award Selection Committee is made up of three RMMLA Board members. Selection is based first on the completeness of the application, followed by a ranking based on five criteria: originality of paper; scholarly context (reference to current research on topic); mechanics and style; coherent thesis statement; and contribution to scholarship in the field of study. The award will be announced the first week of  April.

RMMLA Executive Board reserves the right to vacate the award in any year that sufficient quantity or quality of submissions is not received by the announced deadline. The Executive Board’s decision will be announced on the website. After the initial acknowledgement of submission, correspondence is not maintained with applicants throughout the process. All application materials must be received by 11:59 pm. Rocky Mountain time on the date of the deadline. Announced deadlines will not be extended.