Editorial Board

The RMMLA Editors would like to thank those listed below for graciously serving on the Editorial Board of The Rocky Mountain Review and E-Review

Editorial Board members serve a three-year term, renewable for additional three-year terms. Requests for renewal are reviewed by the RMMLA Editors, the Executive Director and members of the Executive Board based on criteria set out in the document 'Description of Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members' that is given to each Editorial Board member at the time of initial appointment to the board.

Editor in Chief


Jose Suarez, University of Northern Colorado

Editorial Board Members by Interest Area:

American and All English Non-UK, Pre-1865

Doreen Alvarez Saar
Department of English, Drexel University

American and All English Non-UK, Post-1865

Alan Blackstock 
Department of English, Utah State University

Asian Studies

Christopher Lupke
Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta

British Studies, Pre-1800

Kathryn Vomero Santos
Trinity University

British Studies, Post-1800

Ingrid Ranum
Department of English, Gonzaga University

Composition, Linguistics, Technical Writing, Pedagogy Studies

Jill Dahlman

Jill Dahlman
Department of English, California Northstate University, College of Health Sciences

French, Francophone, Comparative Literature Studies

head shot of Eva Nicole Meyer

E. Nicole Meyer

Augusta University

Germanic Studies

Katrin Schröter
Department of Languages, Cultures, and Literatures University of New Mexico

Latin American Studies

Guadalupe Perez-Anzaldo
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Missouri, Columbia

Luso-Brazilian Studies

Kátia da Costa Bezerra
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona

Spanish, Ibero-American Studies

Conxita Domènech 
Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of Wyoming